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Socio-economic profile of arid and semi-arid agropastoral region of Borana rangeland Southern, Ethiopia

MOJ Ecology & Environmental Sciences
Yeneayehu Fenetahun,1,2 TihunieFentahun3

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Ethiopia is believed to have the largest livestock population in Africa. This livestock sector has been contributing considerable portion to the economy of the country and Borana zone is the major contributor for this. The main objectives of the study were to make basic information regarding natural features and socio-economic conditions of the zone that serve or stepping ground for planning policy making and research. This data is crucial for designing proper development plan for research activities and decision making. Specifically, the 2019 socio -economic profile was conducted to provide basic information for the 2020 national election purpose and for 2021 population and housing census as preliminary document regarding socio-economic condition of the zone. And also, this socio-economic profile is used to enhance tourism and economic development, identifying under used services (or opportunities for shared services, forecasting problem areas, developing local community profiles and better land use planning. In organizing this document, the serious problems were the absence of reliable data and up to date data and information. The document being the first of its kind gives a general clue about the zone and accordingly could be used as a bench mark for further study about the zone.


Borana, Socio-economic, Livestock, Pastoralists