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Medicine and philosophy with supreme humanity and achievement by great physicians, Schweitzer, Osler and Hinohara

International Journal of Family & Community Medicine
Hiroshi Bando,1,2 Akiyo Yoshioka,2 Yu  Nishikiori2

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From  a  medical  and  human  perspective,  there  are  three  great  physicians,  which  are  Dr.  Albert Schweitzer, Sir William Osler and Dr. Shigeaki Hinohara. As common aspects, they had  the  Christianity  circumstances  and  the  experiences  with  learning  art,  natural  science  and medicine. They estimated that medicine has to include the aspects of science and art in  certain  proportionality.  Compared  differences  between  science  and  art  would  be  as  follows: disease vs illness, case vs patient, cure vs care, evidence-based vs narrative-based. Hinohara developed music therapy that combines science and art. This article is expected to become some reference in the future.


Albert Schweitzer, William Osler, Shigeaki Hinohara, science and art, aequanimitas, new elderly association (NEA)