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Trending outbreak of corona virus sars-cov-2: a review

International Journal of Molecular Biology: Open Access
Dipika B Utekar,1 Shital S Nikam,2 Karan R Shah,1 Ajay R Bhoosreddy,1 Tushar S Nikam,3 Jagruti S Mahale4

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The outbreak of severe acute respiratory syndrome corona virus 2 (sars-cov-2; previously provisionally named 2019 novel corona virus or 2019-ncov) disease in china at the end of 2019 has caused a serious global health issue. It further underwent a world-wide spread, reported to be by human-to-human transmission. As reported by the world health organization (who) globally 1,812,734 positive cases; 113,675 deaths and 456,776 recovered cases have been recorded up to 14th April, 2020; 2.00am cest due to covid-19. A number of studies are being undertaken to study the possible role and nature of the virus and its impact on human life as a whole. The changing pattern in epidemiology, symptoms and spread or transmission of this virus has made it necessary to carry out further research. Records are suggestive that the viral outbreak has affected more than 200countries/regions globally. Hence it is necessary to know the possible complications, health risk groups, spread, risk factors for mortality, viral shedding, prevention and precautions to be undertaken on individual level to control the outbreak of this pandemic disease.


corona virus, covid-19, health, transmission, pandemic