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Neuroendocrine tumor in the presacral region: a case report

MOJ Surgery
Ronel Barbosa,1 Cristina Padilla,2 Ángel Rojas,3 Gennifer Barajas4

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The strange presentation of lesions in the pre-sacral space and the ambiguity of its clinic make it difficult to establish its diagnosis as the first possibility. Additionally, given that several germ lines converge in this space, it is possible to find a variety of lesions, one of the rarest, without incidence registered in the literature, neuroendocrine tumors. For its diagnosis there are different types of markers, among which stands out chromogranin A, and imaging studies that allow determining the characteristics of the lesions. Regarding treatment, surgical resection remains the initial management of these tumors. The following article aims to describe the case of a 27-year-old white female patient, with no significant history, who presented pain with root characteristics predominantly in the right lower limb; after which it was taken to take images showing a tumor in the pre-sacral space, so it was necessary to carry out a surgical resection of the lesion. For its part, the immunohistochemical study revealed a tumor of neuroendocrine origin grade 2, after which it was referred to the oncology clinic. The description of this case is considered relevant given its unusual presentation and the limited number of reports in the literature, mainly at the national level.


retroperitoneal neoplasms, sacrococcygeal region, carcinoma, neuroendocrine, case reports