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Torsion of a large ovarian dermoid cyst in the second trimester of pregnancy and its management: a case report

International Journal of Pregnancy & Child Birth
Goli Kazemi Nia,1 Yousef Khalifpour,1 Saadat Hajatzadeh,1 Somayeh Makvandi2

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Background:The Dermoid cyst is the most common ovarian germ cell tumor in pregnant women. During pregnancy, the risk of complications such as torsion, rupture,and infection increases in dermoid cysts. Treatment includes follow-up or surgical intervention. The present study reports a case of a large ovarian dermoid cyst in pregnancy and its treatment. Case report: An 18-year-old primiparous woman presented with nausea and severe abdominal pain in the lower left quadrant. On a deep abdominal examination, there was a palpable mass in the area. Ultrasound showed left ovarian torsion of a large dermoid cyst 10×11cm in size. The patient underwent a laparotomy and with the left ovary preserved, the cyst was removed. Ultrasound showed fetal health a few days after surgery. Conclusion: gynecologists should be aware of the possibility of acute ovarian torsion in pregnant women and should have a high level of suspicion. Early surgical intervention reduces the risk of complications.


dermoid cyst, pregnancy, laparotomy, vaginal examination