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Esthetic rehabilitation with lithium disilicateporcelain veneers: clinical report

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This case report describes a treatment of replacing unsatisfactory and extensive composite restorations to improve anterior tooth shape, color and alignment, thereby reestablishing the esthetics and harmony of the patient’s smile. Treatment possibilities with composite resin or ceramic veneers were discussed with the patient, as well as their advantages and limitations. Teeth whitening, following by diagnostic wax-up and mock up and finally, lithium disilicate porcelain veneers were done. With the result can conclude that Lithium disilicate glass ceramic is an excellent alternative in cases of anterior teeth with extensive restorations. Therefore, the clinical success of lithium disilicate porcelain veneers depends on the precise clinical protocol, correct indications and laboratory procedures.


lithium disilicate porcelain veneers, esthetic rehabilitation, esthetic treatment, tooth tissue, ceramics, reversibility, dental substrates, volume, reduce diastemas