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Covid 19 patient hides his travel history; a case report in Pakistan

International Journal of Radiology & Radiation Therapy
Shehzad Khan,1 Muhammad Nadeem,2 Bakht Rokhan,3 Shah Abbas,4 Sanyya Hadi5

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Covid 19 is evolving as an epidemic. This is a case report of Covid 19 patient who had previous surgery for Carcinoma stomach. He was referred for follow-up CT chest and abdomen. The patient hides his recent travel history to Malaysia just to get his CT done. His HRCT findings were typical for CV-19 and later on his PCR confirmed CV-19 but he already came in contact with health care providers. Patients are concealing their travel histories which are also spreading infections.


Covid 19, Radiologists, CT scan, chest and abdomen, CA-stomach