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Detail glucose fluctuation and variability by continuous glucose monitoring (CGM)

Journal of Diabetes, Metabolic Disorders & Control
Hiroshi Bando,1,2 Koji Ebe,2,3 Tetsuo Muneta,2,4 Masahiro Bando,5 Yoshikazu Yonei6

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Authors and colleagues have continued clinical diabetic research in the light of Continuous Glucose Monitoring (CGM) and M value. M value is calculated from the daily profile of blood glucose, and it indicates the total numerical value of two factors, which are average blood glucose and mean amplitude of glycemic excursions (MAGE). The case is 53 years old female with Type 1 diabetes mellitus (T1DM), who was on multiple daily insulin injection (MDI). Using FreeStyle Libre, blood glucose was studied for 14 days. Average blood glucose in a day was 169 mg/dL, 163 mg/dL, 164 mg/dL and 166 mg/dL in day 3,5,9,11, respectively with almost same level. In contrast, the levels of the M value distributed widely from 12.5 to 98.3. A discrepancy of HbA1c was found between estimated value and laboratory data on out clinic, which was 7.4% and 8.0%, respectively. These results suggest that there would be rather large difference in MAGE even though the average blood glucose was almost the same in the 4 days. Furthermore, this investigation would be beneficial for check the detail blood glucose variability associated with various activities, and for better and stable control of blood glucose in T1DM.


continuous glucose monitoring, freestyle libre, M value, mean amplitude of glycemic excursions, multiple daily insulin injection, Japan LCD promotion association