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COVID-19 lockdown impact on the mental health of students: need to start a mental health cell

MOJ Anatomy & Physiology
Sai Sailesh Kumar Goothy,1 Srilatha Goothy,2 Anita Choudhary,1 Potey GG,2 Manju Purohit,3 Hirok Chakraborty,1 Ashish Pathak,4 Mahadik VK5

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Mental health of the students is the topic of interest throughout the world. The entire performance of the student depends on his mental health. Till date there is no proven treatment to manage the Novel corona virus disease. As the rate of spread is increasing day by day, lockdown is the only option available to slowdown the rate of spreading the infection. The examinations were postponed due to the lockdown effect and the actual date of exam is awaited. In this context many students were undergoing mental stress and there is a strong need to consider their mental health status. There is need of psychiatrist, in this context to keep the mental balance of the students. Every educational institution may think of establishing a mental health cell that comprises of a psychiatrist or psychologist and dean and senior faculty members of the institute. The authors would like to urge each educational institution to think of starting a mental health cell for the benefit of the students in general.


mental health, students, novel corona virus disease, lockdown, negative impacts, academic year, no proven treatment, entrance examinations