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The relation between posture and fighting style: case of kung fu wushu (sanda)

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The aim of this study is to analyze the relationship between initial posture (pre-contact posture) and combat style (boxing, foot and fight); thus, to establish a specific modeling. The descriptive analytical method of the video recordings of the combats organized with our sample (n=6) (2 of each combat style) was used to obtain the initial kinogram via the Dart Fish software. Inter-style postural similarities and extra-style postural differences were found, which helped us to put in place specific postural indices. Knowing the opponent’s fighting style may betray some of his combat strategy, but can we hide these postural clues? Or more, can we give false clues (a lure) to deceive the opponent, which will make combat a rather mental challenge.


fighting, posture, fighting style, sanda