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Is BHCG a good tumor marker for aggressive uterine leiomyosarcoma? case report

Journal of Cancer Prevention & Current Research
Sarah Alrubaish,1 Marie-Claude Renaud2

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An elevation of BHCG has been documented only in rare case reports of mesenchymal tumors, however, it is usually found to be high in germ cell tumors.1 BHCG production in patients with mesenchymal tumors has been discussed as a paraneoplastic phenomenon as well as associated with bad prognoses.2,3


germ cell tumors, urinary symptoms, salpingo-oophorectomy, leiomyosarcoma, laparotomy, chemotherapy, post-operative recovery, progression, lethal disease, paraneoplastic, poor prognosis, mesenchymal cells, embryonal tumors, epithelia ovarian cancer, cytokine, immunologic responses