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Anemia and upper digestive tract at the Yalgado Ouédraogo university hospital in Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso

Hematology & Transfusion International Journal
Koulidiati J,1–3 Sawadogo S,Kabore D,Nikiema/Minoungou M,Some O R,Some D M,Kafando E,Bougma A2


1.1.  Introduction: The World Health Organization has classified anemia as one of the ten most serious health problems of the modern world. The detection of anemia should lead to a precise etiologic assessment supported by clinical and biological data.

1.2.  Objective: to describe the epidemiological and diagnostical characteristics of upper digestive tract pathologies in non- sickle cell disease anemic patients at the Ouédraogo Yalgado university hospital in Ouagadougou.

1.3.  Patients and methods: this was a prospective and cross- sectional study carried out from March 1, 2016 to July 31, 2017 in the Department of clinical hematology, diagnostic and interventional endoscopy and pathological anatomy and cytology of the aforementioned university hospital. The study involved all non-sickle cell patients above 15 years’ old who were seen in hematology consultation for anemia.

1.4.  Results: The study involved a total of 58 patients including 42 women with a sex ratio of 0.4. Age ranged from 17 to 87 years with a mean age of 36.9. Most of the patients (44 cases out of 58) had iron-deficiency microcytic anemia. There were 5 cases of macrocytic anemia: vitamin B12 deficiency with 3 cases of Biermer’s disease and 2 cases of vitamin B9 deficiency. We observed a prevalence of grade I peptic esophagitis (50.99%) in esophageal pathology, a predominance of gastropathies (81.25%) in gastric pathology and a predominance of bulbar ulcers (60%) in duodenal pathology. Histology revealed chronic gastritis in all patients and chronic atrophic gastritis with the presence of pylori H in 53 out of 58 cases (91.38%).

Conclusion: Upper digestive tract diseases diagnosed through endoscopy and histology (in particular pylori H) can cause iron-deficiency anemia


anemia, upper digestive tract, Pylori H, Burkina Faso