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Texas dairy industry assessment of research, education, and service importance of the Southwest regional dairy center


The objective of this research was to determine future directions the Southwest Regional Dairy  Center  (SWRDC)  should  take  and  improvements  the  SWRDC  could  make.  In  October  2019,  a  Qualtrics  survey  (Qualtrics  LLC.,  Provo,  Utah)  was  distributed  to  the  Texas  Association  of  Dairymen  to  further  distribute  to  dairy  producers  and  industry  representatives. The survey asked respondents to rank satisfaction with tours of the SWRDC from  1  to  7  (1=extremely  satisfied,  7=extremely  dissatisfied)  and  to  rank  community outreach  events,  research  activities,  extension  events,  and  types  of  research  from  least  important  to  most  important.  Twenty-eight  producers  and  dairy  industry  representatives  responded. Of the respondents, nine ranked the SWRDC tours as extremely satisfied, two ranked as moderately satisfied, two ranked as neutral and the remaining respondents did not  answer  the  question.  The  respondents’  highest  ranked  community  outreach  events,  research  activities  and  extension  events  were  breakfast  on  the  farm,  research  showcase,  and  demonstration  days  with  continuing  education  credits  offered,  respectively.  The  respondents’  highest  ranked  type  of  research  was  precision  dairy  monitoring  technology.  Survey  results  better  inform  the  SWRDC  administration  of  future  directions  the  center  should take in research, education, and service activities.


dairy, extension, education, service