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A case of dubin johnson syndrome in twin pregnancy

International Journal of Pregnancy & Child Birth
Ibarguengoitia-Ochoa Francisco,1 Davila-Bricio José Luis,1 Ruiz-Beltrán Maximiliano,2 Sepúlveda-Rivera Cintia María1


Background: Dubin Johnson syndrome is a variety of inherited hyperbilirubinemia and is recognized by a low elevation of conjugated bilirubin without other signs of liver damage.Objective: To  present  perinatal  results  of  a  patient  diagnosed  with  Dubin  Johnson syndrome.

Methods: The clinical file of a patient diagnosed with Dubin Johnson syndrome during pregnancy, treated at the Instituto Nacional de Perinatología was reviewed.

Results: 34-year-old patient with no history of fever, pruritus, malaise or abdominal pain; Due to the macroscopic characteristics of the liver during a laparoscopic cholecystectomy at 23 years of age, a biopsy was taken which confirmed the diagnosis of Dubin-Johnson syndrome. She began prenatal control at 17 weeks gestation. Serial bilirubin determinations ranged between 3.4 and 4.5 mg / dl. Intrauterine growth restriction was presented in one of the fetuses.

Conclusion:  Dubin  Johnson  syndrome  is  a  benign  condition,  the  disease  must  be differentiated  from  other  conditions  that  present  hyperbilirubinemia  specifically  in pregnancy in order to stratify management


pregnancy, dubin johnson, syndrome, bilirubin, intra-hepatic cholestasis, acute fatty liver