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Why subconscious and intuitive creativity require relativistic approach?

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Head  traumas  and  hypnosis  reveal  that  in  the  Subconscious  the  computation  is  done  10,000  times  faster  than  in  our  Conscious.  Wouldn’t  such  high  rate  of  computation require relativistic approach? Curiously, the relativistic theory of Einstein in the four-dimensional representation of Minkowski has two sets of cones. The one set of cones is ‘the real world’, in which time runs in one direction from past to future and events obey the causality principle. The other set of cones is called ‘elsewhere’. This bizarre world does  not  obey  the  causality  principle  and  allows  time  leaps  to  the  past  and  to  the  future.  The Subconscious manifest itself in intuitive creativity and psychic events.Since psychic people can see events before a cause have made them happen, the Subconscious does not obey  the  causality  principle. Also,  the  fact  that  psychics  can  see  the  past  and  predict  the  future means that the Subconscious allows time-leaps (or quantum leaps) to the past and to the future. If so, it seems that the strange world ‘elsewhere’ that does not obey the causality principle and allows quantum leaps to the future and the past is the subconscious (read the article about the Quantum Computer in the Subconscious).


subconscious, intuitive creativity, psychic events, time leaps, subconscious’ high rate of computation, relativistic theory, four-dimensional representation of Minkowski, the cones ‘elsewhere