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Complicated hepatic and pulmonary hydatid cyst and hospital post-surgical stay in patients intervened in two hospitals of Peru, 2000-2011

International Journal of Family & Community Medicine
Jaime Rosales Rimache,1 Saúl Santivañez Salazar2

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Background: Echinococcosis is a parasitic zoonosis of high prevalence in some regions of Peru, and the treatment of choice in advanced stages is surgery, which leads to prolonged hospital  stays.  In  this  sense,  the  research  aimed  to  associate  the  number  of  days  of  post-surgical hospitalization and the presence of hydatid cyst complication.

Methods: Cross-sectional  study  with  a  population  consisting  of  patients  diagnosed  with  echinococcosis in two hospitals in Peru between 2000 and 2011. A primary database was used,  generated  from  the  exploration  of  medical  records  of  individuals  who  underwent  surgery.  Data  were  recorded  on  the  number  of  days  of  post-surgical  hospitalization,  complication of hydatid cyst, affected organ, and type of cyst, number, diameter and volume of cysts, type of surgery, pre- surgical and post-surgical anthelmintic prophylaxis, hospital, age and sex. The association was evaluated by the exponentiated coefficient adjusted in a negative binomial regression.

Results: We evaluated 655 patients constituted by women in 53.6%, and the average age was  32.3±18.6  years.  Complication  of  hydatid  cyst  occurred  in  54.2%,  while  the  median  post-surgical  hospital  stay  was  9  days,  and  this  did  not  present  significant  differences according to pre-surgical prophylaxis and age groups. There was no significant association between  the  number  of  days  of  post-surgical  hospitalization  and  the  complication  of  the  hydatid cyst (ecoef: 1.17, CI95%: 1.00-1.39); However, post-surgical prophylaxis and care according to Hospital did generate significant differences.

Conclusion: There is no significant association between the complication of the hepatic and pulmonary hydatid cyst and the number of days of post-surgical hospitalization.


complicated hydatid cyst, surgery, hospital stay