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Homicide hanging–a rare case report

Forensic Research & Criminology International Journal
Sabyasachi Nath, Rupali Majumder, HK Pratihari


There is alarming number of suicide hanging cases reported belonging to different age groups. It is seen from a large number of case studies that the suicide hanging is preferred by the victims to end life for various reasons. But homicide hanging is rarely reported due to easy detection of physical evidence manipulated on the hanging spot and also by autopsy study. There is no much literature available under such crime-head. In one case, an FIR was lodged about hanging of a woman from bamboo ceiling in her dwelling house. The investigating officer and forensic team immediately visited the crime spot. In the meantime, the husband could simulate suicidal hanging and misled the investigative team stating to have cut the rope (ligature material) to bring down for saving the hanging victim. Further, one torn end rope found around her neck and the other cut end (terminal) hanging from the bamboo ceiling. The crime scene was disturbed. Moreover, absence of any supporting evidence to reach the hanging point by the victim to tie the rope was also doubtful. The accused suppressed the crime simulating a case of suicidal hanging to get away from punishment. However, the analysis of the ligature mark, anti-mortem injuries on the neck and post-mortem symptoms on the victim as well as circumstantial evidence found on the crime spot could rule out the possibility of suicidal hanging. Further, autopsy study also supported homicide beyond doubt. The details have been discussed including the verdict of judgement of the Hon’ble Court.


hanging, homicide, ligature material, symptoms, injuries, autopsy study