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Age, sex and residence: preferences of colonic polyps in Grodno population in the last three years

MOJ Anatomy & Physiology
Salmin Roman,1 Salmina Anastasiya,2 Rum Tadevush,3 Valchkevich Dzmitry2

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The colonic polyp is the precursor of most carcinomas of the large intestine discovered in people who undergo colorectal screening or who have a diagnostic work-up for symptoms. Confirmatory evidence is derived from epidemiological, histological and clinical data demonstrating a close parallelism between polyps and cancer of the colon. Based on current knowledge, all colonic polyps should be removed to prevent the cancer development. Colorectal polyps are common, but there is a large geographical variation, so Belarus has the high incidences. In this study, we show the dynamics of the occurrence of patient’s diagnosed with (D12) "Colonic polyp", as well as to study the individual characteristics of the manifestation of colonic polyps.


colonic polyps, large intestine, colorectal cancer, surgery, patients, rejuvenation, colonic polyps, mutagen