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Nursing care for women in prison: an integrative review

Nursing & Care Open Access Journal
Terezinha Almeida Queiroz, Rebeca Nogueira Feitosa, Maria Alice Alves Farias

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The prison population is growing increasingly worldwide. Thus, as a way of delimiting this very broad subject, this study will emphasize the nursing care provided to women in prison. Identify nursing actions provided to women in prison. This is a literature review, performed in November 2019, in the Virtual Health Library Portal (VHL). the profile of female prisoners is primarily young, with a low socioeconomic and educational level, without performing a paid function. In addition, they sometimes have a broken family without access to vocational training. These facts may be directly related to the prison situation of such women. This study allowed us to understand that nursing care in face of this situation is significant than to aim for a careful and individualized assessment of each patient.


nursing care, penitentiary, woman, patient, psychological violence, effective, integral, humanized, therapy, childbirth, pregnancy, health problems