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Adenocarcinoma of the bladder: case report

Journal of Cancer Prevention & Current Research
Chintav Shah,1 Jay Patolia,1 Simeon Jaggernauth,2 Nirav Nagarsheth1

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Primary Adenocarcinoma of Bladder is an extremely rare and very aggressive form of cancer that forms about 1% of bladder cancer. It is suggested that it arises from intestinal metaplasia of the urothelium.1 It has a very aggressive course and a very poor response to the chemotherapy and radiotherapy. The curative therapy remains surgery if the cancer is confined to the bladder with no metastasis exist.2 We are presenting a case of an 83yr old male who was evaluated for gross hematuria and underwent TURBT which showed an adenocarcinoma of the bladder. No evidence of metastasis was found.


male predominance, bladder irritation symptoms, endometrial and cervical, bladder source, extensive necrosis