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Spontaneous pneumothorax in a newborn case report: original image, treatment process and follow-up

Journal of Lung, Pulmonary & Respiratory Research
Muhammet Mesut Nezir Engin,1Gulden AK, 2 Onder Kilicasla1

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Pneumothorax is a condition where there is free air between the parietal and visceral pleural leaves within the thoracic cavity. She was born with a cesarean section of 2780grams in 38th gestational week. As the patient had tachypnea and intercostal retractions, he was hospitalized in another hospital and started treatment. On the second day of hospitalization, pneumothorax was seen on the posterior anterior chest radiograph and he was referred to us. When the patient came to our clinic, his general condition was poor, tachypnea, intercostal withdrawal and groan breathing were present. When the patient had low saturation, he was intubated and connected to a mechanical ventilator. The chest tube was placement and free drainage was performed. She was discharged on the 9th day of his hospitalization because of his good general condition, improved laboratory findings and no additional difficulties. Spontaneous pneumothorax should be considered in the presence of sudden respiratory distress in the newborn period. Patients diagnosed with pneumothorax should be immediately chest tube placement, patients with respiratory distress should be evaluated and given supportive treatment.


spontaneous pneumothorax, respiratory distress, newborn