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Selective alkylation of organic compounds

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In this paper are presented the results on the selective alkylation of polyfunctional compounds in our research group under conditions of phase transfer catalysis as examples of regioselective alkylation of phenol, aldehyde and ketone, diketone as acetoacetic acid derivatives, malonic ether, acetylacetone (O and C alkylation), ethanolamine (O and N alkylation) and of selectivity for mono- and dialkylation alkylation of primary amid of carbonic acid as acetoamide and acrylamide. The special attention is given to alkylation of very widespread organic molecule-ethanolamine, however on alkylation reaction poorly studied. The conditions for selective and regioselective alkylation are retrieved on the basis of obtained data combination. Depending on a constitution of studied substrate alkylation reaction in basic medium is expedient for conducting or in phase transfer catalysis conditions or at the presence of dipolar solvents. In a number of cases the high selectivity of alkylation reaction is provided a thermal alkylation of organic acid with the quaternary ammonium salt, as a carrier of alkyl group. The formulated scientific conditions open new capabilities for research of alkylation reaction of organic compounds, determine conditions directional and finding of routes for selective and regioselective alkylation.

The offered methods for selective alkylation of organic molecules in comparison with the traditional methods has more advantages:high speed of process, soft condition of reaction allowing lower of a power expenses, the complete exception of application of hazardous and dangerous organic solvents, by virtue of–it is sharp reduction of air pollution, much smaller volumes of waste water. This is of all, there are devoted to technological problems of the synthesis of more important organic compounds in the aspect of environmental protection.


selective alkylation, regioselectivity, phase transfer catalysis, dipolar solvents, thermal alkylation, quaternary ammonium salt, polyfunctional compounds, phenol, aldehyde and ketone, diketone, amid of carbonic acid, alkyl group, ethanolamine, protection of an environment