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Removal of selected metal ions using powder of seeds of Ajwaa dates from aqueous solution

Journal of Analytical & Pharmaceutical Research
Abdul Ali Juma Mohamed,1 Lila Ali Vuai,1 Miza Kombo,1 Okafor J Chukwuma2


At the present time, there is continuous increase of heavy metal burden in our environment, which has become one of the most serious problems globally. Heavy metals cause threat on land and in aquatic life. The problem of metals is significantly attributed by increase of activities from industrial, agricultural, hospital sectors etc. Heavy metals are not degradable, but they are persistent in environments. The aim of this study is to prepare adsorbent from powder of Ajwaa date seeds (PADS). The adsorbent was applied in removing heavy metal ion such as cadmium, lead, copper, chromium, cobalt and manganese from aqueous solution. The study also examined the removal efficiency of PADS. Constant mass of 0.1gram of PADS which was added in a volume of 50 mL of ultra-pure water reached maximum removal efficiency of 93.34%, 71.06%, 92.06%, 96.96%, 95.91% and 36.13% for Cd2+ ions, Cr3+ ions, Co2+ ions, Cu2+ ions, Pb2+ ions and Mn2+ ions respectively. The findings of the present study can be taken as a best solution and baseline information of heavy metal removal in different areas. The PADS treatment is efficient, simple, low cost and green alternative for heavy metal treatments methods to overcome the problems of heavy metals discharged in aqueous solution.


adsorbent, Ajwaa dates, cadmium, chromium, removal efficiency