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Modeling and simulation to monitor the integration of palm fuel oil ash on compressive strength of concrete pavement influenced by variation of water cement ratios

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This model predicts the compressive strength of concrete pavement modified with palm oil fuel as partial replacement for cement. The study monitors the strength development of concrete pavement varying with different percentage of [POFA].The study express the output of the modifier from graphical representation, where optimum strength were observed at 5% at curing age between [7, and 28days].The study has observed that the modifier applied as partial replacement of cement experienced decrease in strength as the percentage of [POFA] dosage increase, these condition were observed from the graphical representation such that gradual decrease were experienced between [10-20%].The declined in strength development from variation of water cement ratio were experienced between [0.40-0.50], the influences from variation of these mixed proportion were also monitored, these conditions were reflected on the output results from the designed mix, the developed model were subjected to simulation, these values were compared with pone et al 2018, where the early strength from 2.5-5% 0f [POFA] were also in agreement with partial replacement of silica fume that also experienced early attained strength, between [2.5-5%] variations from concrete pavement porosity were observed from the heterogeneity of the strength at different water cement ratios, including variation of compaction and placement of the materials.


modeling, palm oil fuel ash, compressive strength, water cement ratios