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Right to safe water & criminalization of its pollution as an environmental crime in Iran regulations & international documents


Context and objective: Water is one of the most important factors in creating creatures and is a source of life. On the attitude of the Iranian holy to water, every stream in the holy land the great civilizations formed. Take another view water is main focus on developing countries and access and benefit of this vital resource confronted with economic, social and environmental issues and impacts deeply on all these dimensions. With this in mind, the purpose of this paper is to study water pollution in Iran law and international documents.
Research method: The current research is using description-analytic method as well as digital-library sources.
Findings: Water pollution affects the status of other organisms, so water pollution as an environmental element should be avoided. Iran's regulations have criminalized water pollution and numerous international documents have required governments to criminalize this environmental crime.
Conclusion: Water pollution is a major global problem that requires continuous and rigorous assessment of water resources policy at all levels. Realistic and rigorous management plans based on the needs of future generations require the prevention and management of water pollution as an environmental crime.


water pollution, environmental crime, Iran regulations, international documents