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Enhancing patient experience through digital health, (EMR module), best buy for advancing health system

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Background: The E-Health transformation of the health sector in Dubai kept as a top priority since two-decades back. As part of comprehensive e-government transformation initiative, Dubai has to move to absolute smart -government within few years ahead from now, taskforces, plans, resources, and activities are already assigned and going on successfully at the current time
Objectives: To study utilization and performance of Salama Dubai Health authority digital application of clinical care management
Methodology: retrospective Records review , experts interview and contacts , online literature review by using engine search through key word
Results: As an efficient management system, multiple core applications were obtained. More than 25 applications were integrated through a single interface. Patient’s appointment, queue management, pharmacy, radiology, dental records, laboratory information system, as well as information about the patient on biomedical devices e.g.ventilator, dialysis machine, cardiac machine, etc. are all linked and integrated through the Electronic Medical Records. By unifying records, the system will reveal high flexibility in creating a more streamlined, and efficient care provision system, which eventually ensuring care accuracy and patient safety
Conclusions: In Digital Healthcare envisions, the enormous investment in technical resources and workforce has been pumped to address the infrastructure requirements, both at the technical and manpower level of the capacity building process. A sustainable digital health ecosystem extensively empowered local eHealth workforce. Significant financial resources have been pumped in the pipeline so far to reach this objective.


patience experience, digital health, DHA