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Papular amyloidosis and leonine facies: about two cases

Journal of Dermatology & Cosmetology
Kaoutar Achehboune, Sara Oukarfi, Zakia Douhi, Hanane Baybay, Fatima Zahra Mernissi

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Papular amyloidosis or amyloid lichen is a form of localized skin amyloidosis potentially rare. Its mechanism is poorly known. There are localized and hereditary systemic and cutaneous forms. Papular amyloidosis is a form of localized cutaneous amyloidosis. It is manifested by papules, fleshy or brown, smooth or very hyper-keratotic, very pruriginous, simetric and sitting electively on the anterior surfaces of the legs and extending to the calves and back of the feet, often excoriated by the intensity of scraping. Leonin facies can be observed in systemic amyloidosis but it has not been described in lichen amyloid. We report 2cases of this association.


amyloidosis, lichen amyloidosis, papular amyloidosis, leonine facies