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Case report of canine parvoviral enteritis in 12weeks old rottweiler female puppy

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An twelve weeks old female Rottweiler puppies named Zinna was presented to Diamond veterinary center, Lagos, Nigeria with chief complains of a puppy that was normally playful and agile suddenly becomes lethargy and withdrawn to itself three days before presentation coupled with inappettance and subsequent vomiting, diarrhea within the last 24 hours prior to clinical presentation , puppy later void bloody and foul smelling feces. Puppy had temperature of 38.6°C, Pulse rate was 96 beats per minute and respiratory rate was 28 beats per minutes, the puppy had no history of previous vaccination with Canine parvo viral enteritis or canine distemper preventing vaccines. The puppy tested positive to Canine Parvoviral enteritis using commercially available ELISA test kit with puppy fecal sample , puppy was hospitalized and treat symptomically for 10 days ,puppy was discharged on day 12 and brought back for vaccination on day 16th.


ELISA test, canine parvoviral type 2, bone marrow, lymphocytes