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Histologic evaluation of 5% Hyaluronic acid injection in oral tissue: A pilot study

International Journal of Molecular Biology: Open Access
KL Vandana, Shivani Singh, Liya Anil


Background: Hyaluronic acid is a naturally derived, nonimmunogenic, nonadhesive glycosaminoglycan that plays a prominent role in various wound healing processes, as it as it is naturally angiogenic when degraded to small fragments.
Material and methodology: A case report was conducted on one male patient with operculum present bilaterally. Left side operculum was excised at baseline. The same day of excision, 5 % hyaluronic acid was injected on the right-side operculum which was excised on 15th day for post HA injection evaluation.
Results: Epithelium showed stratified squamous para-keratinization with focal epithelial hyperplasia entrapped with connective tissue. The connective tissue was moderately fibrous with focal areas of cellularity showing plum fibroblasts and fibrocytes.
Conclusion: Changes seen from pre to post HA injection are indicative of initial step towards increasing the size of a tissue clinically.


hyaluronic acid, histology, epithelium, connective tissue