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A review article on “kente cloth in home furnishings”- overview


In the African community, artwork and existence reflects one another. African art has its own past, aesthetic idea and a strong psychological content. The native African fabric has its own aesthetic symbolic usage, motifs, colors and emotions. This paper is about unique pattern designs inspired by a Ghanaian fabric called the kente cloth and its usage in home furnishings. The patterns are designed with inspiration from Ghanaian traditions like cultural elements, nature and symbols. The idea of the study is that creating home furnishing products like curtains cushion covers etc., to decorate interior and exterior space. Textile scheming is an intrinsic part of textile manufacturing in West Africa. This article about Kente cloth in home furnishings gives the idea about usage of unique designs of the West Africans in textile in home furnishings. This study also helps in enhancing the texture and aesthetic qualities of the products and its level of attaining success in the market. As the designs produced are different and they explain the emotions or ideas of the people they have great value to produce variety in style. These products with by developing varieties in design and achieve a great success in the global market. This article revolves about the history of Kente cloth, the designs involved in production and its ability to succeed in the home furnishing market.


Kente, home furnishings, Ghanaians, West Africa