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Performance of marron (Cheraxcainii) origin probiotic Bacillus mycoides in earthen commercial marron ponds

Journal of Aquaculture & Marine Biology
Irfan Ambas,1 Ravi Fotedar,2 Nicky Buller3

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The present study evaluated the performance of marron (Cheraxcainii) origin probiotic Bacillus mycoides post laboratory scale trials by measuring total haemocyte counts (THC),hepatosomatic indices (HSi), intestinal bacteria population, gluthathionine peroxide (GPx) enzyme activity, and survival rate (SR)of marron. The probiotic was supplemented to a commercial marron feed (used as basal diet) at 108CFU/mL and given to marron during eleven months feeding trial using a commercial marron ponds (10x15m2). The ponds were stock with marron juveniles at 3000/pond. The probiotic feed was prepared weekly to ensure its freshness and viability, then kept in refrigerator before using. The results suggested the THC, His andthe intestinal bacteria population of marronfed probiotic supplemented diet were significantly higher (P<0.05) compared to THC, HSi and intestinal bacteria population of basal diet fed marron both on day 90th and day 160th.The GPx enzyme activity was detected also significantly higher (P<0.05) in marron fed with the probiotic diet both on day 90th and termination of the feeding trial.At termination of the trial, survival ofmarron fed a diet supplemented probiotic was significantly higher (74.80±2.52%) than that of marron fed a basal diet(66.15±6.33%). In brief, the customized marron origin probiotic B. mycoides/ worked effectively in vivo (commercial marron ponds) as indicated by a significant improvement of marron immunity and health status (THC, GPx enzyme activity, intestinal bacteria population and HSi) which in turn enhanced survival rates when compared to basal diet fed marron.


marron, probiotic, THC, HSi, SR