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Petersen's hernia after gastric bypass for morbid obesity: a diagnostic challenge

Advances in Obesity, Weight Management & Control
Santos DC,1 Viveiros O,2 Gameiro H,1 Pereira J2


Petersen’s hernia is an internal hernia caused by the herniation of intestinal loops through the defect created between the transverse mesocolon, the retroperitoneum and the afferent loop mesentery (Roux, Omega or others) after any type of gastrojejunostomy. With the growth of bariatric and metabolic surgery, particularly with the laparoscopic approach, there was an increase in this kind of complication with its associated morbidity and mortality. The diagnosis is challenging and can lead to treatment delay with devastating consequences.This review aims to describe the incidence of Petersen’s hernia, its prevention strategies and to alert to the need of a high-index of suspicion on the diagnosis to a prompt treatment.


obesity, gastric bypass, petersen’s hernia