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Adequate management for various problems of geriatric syndrome in elder diabetic patients

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Diabetes in elderly patients has frequent occurrence of geriatric syndrome. It includes a variety of problems among which the following can be cited, dementia, flaity, sarcopenia, impaired ADL / QOL, falls, malnutrition, depression, urinary incontinence, multiple medications, and so on. Risk ratio of total dementia is 1.51. Elderly patients with diabetes have sarcopenia 2-3 times more frequently than that of non-diabetic patients. In elderly patients with diabetes, sarcopenia obesity, low carbohydrate diet (LCD) can become an option for adequate nutritional treatment. American College of Physicians (ACP) presented a Guidance Statement Update in 2018, associated with the recommendation of weaker strict control. ACP guidance was summarized by evaluating four mega diabetic studies, including ACCORD, ADVANCE, UKPDS33/34 and VADT. When managing elderly patients with diabetes, comprehensive evaluation of various factors would be important for the happiness of the patient.


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