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Assessment and most common exterior faults in medium breeds of rabbits-part I: in position weight-type and shape

International Journal of Avian & Wildlife Biology
Frantisek Zigo,1 Ondrej Pyskaty,2 Silvia Ondrasovicova,2 Martina Zigova,3 Vlastimil simek,4 Peter Supuka5

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Determination of breeding value by assessing the exterior of rabbits was each extensive problem. For this purpose, many rabbit breeders participate in exhibitions to find out the breeding value of their individuals. The aim of this work was to evaluate the qualities and exterior faults in selected medium breeds of rabbits according to a current Book of Rabbit Standards in the territory of Czech and Slovak Republic. From 11 exhibitions were selected and evaluated 1133 rabbits in weight category between 3.5 to 5.5 kg of different breeds and color varieties. Selected medium breeds included 308 pcs of Big Light Silver (BLS), 184 pcs of Chinchilla Giganta (ChG) and 641 pcs of Vienna group breeds (VB). The qualities and exterior faults of typical breed traits were evaluated in three positions: weight, shape and type. The results of the work show that in the most common exterior faults in all selected medium breeds of rabbits were in positions shape and type. In position shape were found the significant exterior faults as the slightly prominated hips with slanting rump, worse legs position with bowed or splayed legs. Does often have very loose skin under the neck, which in some individuals of BLS and ChG was formed a dewlap. Especially in position type were often observed narrow chest, body too lean or too long, and more delicate head with finer structure of ears. On the other side were found individuals with very good body frame and standing position with muscle legs. The knowledge of the actual analyses of the exterior advantages and faults is essential for both the rabbit judges and rabbit breeders for optimization of techniques of judging system and methods of selective breeding, respectively.


rabbits, standard, chinchilla giganta, big light silver, exterior faults