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Susceptibility of the deviants

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Genetic variability in the form of micro evolutionary changes such as point mutations or macro evolutionary changes such as changes in the large segment of DNA of the microorganisms could ultimately affect the antimicrobial susceptibility of the organism. Not only acquired antibiotic resistance but intrinsic resistance is also not an exception to the evolution of the organisms for the survival which has been approved and documented by number of the clinical trials and minimum inhibitory concentration (MIC) studies. To prove and review this, in house study about mutants or altered phenotypes recovered from exudates, urine and blood with the uncommon susceptibility pattern was undertaken in my hospital. Final results were informed to the clinicians so as to check the compliance of the majority of the patients to un-recommended antibiotics due to known intrinsic resistance. The present study did help in the management of the patients though the testing of the panel of antibiotics is not advised by CLSI guidelines.


genetic variability, intrinsic resistance, mutants (deviants), uncommon susceptibility pattern, management