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Study on different types of defects and their causes and remedies in garments industry

Journal of Textile Engineering & Fashion Technology
Mafzal Ahmed,1 Tarikul Islam,2Md Sujan Ali3


Now a days Garments defect is one of the most important factors of the apparel manufacturing industry because it creates a negative effect on actual productivity. This paper aims with Different types of Defects which are the common term in the garment industry. In this research we have found that it is very essential to know about different types of Garments Defects. In garments industry these defects are dependent upon the classification of defects and an inspector’s ability to make decisions. If there is no idea of garments defects identification then it will be a tough job, but if it is known properly then it is an easy task to identify defects. So must know all types of Garments defects if we are involved with the apparel industry. It is the responsibility of the garments manufacturers to maintain a required Garments quality standard for each and every product they are offering or delivering to the buyers. After reading this project we have found that the idea about all types of garments defects like fabric defects, cutting & spreading defects, sewing defects and finishing defects.


Garments defects, Defects name, Defects causes, Defects remedies, Fabric defects, Cutting & spreading defects, Sewing defects, Finishing defects, Nonproductive activities, Quality control implementation, Washing, Inspection table, Light source, Hard board, Distorted knitting