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Experimental research on 3D printing technology for fashion applications based on self-forming structures


Based on the previous case studies of 3D printing technology and 3D printed fashion research at home and abroad, the newly self-forming structure of 3D printing is determined as the main research direction in this paper. With the comparison of a variety of 3D printing clothing application forms and its implementation of technology and materials, the main 3D printing technology, materials and related fabrics used in the self-forming structure are summarized and analyzed. A series of structural design and models, fabric sample experiment and final collection design are developed subsequently for the self-forming structure. Finally, according to the result gained from the experiment, the potential development of self-forming structure and the direction of 3D printing garment in the future are discussed.


3D printing, Fashion, Self-forming structure, Hard filaments, Apparel, Clothing, Digital sculptural variation, Wearable textiles, Fabric, Dawning, Kinematic collection, Massachusetts-based design, Plastic patterns, Auxiliary design software, Flexibility