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Resection arthroplasty after total knee arthroplasty septic failure a case report and literature review

International Journal of Family & Community Medicine
Thiago Vivacqua, Idemar da Palma, Victor Favilla, Jorge Rezende, Rodrigo Albuquerque, Karlos Mesquita, Rodrigo Rezende


Knee  arthrodesis,  above  the  knee  amputation  and  resection  arthroplasty  is  salvage  procedures  for  patients  with  refractory  infection  after  Total  Knee  Arthroplasty  (TKA).  The aim of this study was to review the literature of patients submitted to knee resection arthroplasty after septic failure of a TKA. This literature review identified three case series with more than two years of follow-up. After the resection arthroplasty, in a global analysis of  the  three  studies,  the  rate  of  infection  control  reached  96%  and  with  56%  of  patients  showing satisfaction. However, only 14% of them were able to walk without assistance.


total knee arthroplasty, infection, resection, arthroplasty, surgery, staphylococcus, antibiotic therapy, painful ankylosis