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Entamoeba coli as probable risk factor for women sub-fertility

MOJ Women's Health
Mosab Nouraldein Mohammed Hamad


Entamoeba  coli  is  intestinal parasitic microorganism  which  is  regarded  tell  now  as  commensal  amoeba although their adverse clinical manifestations to the patients infected with it. It altered the homeostasis of the body, by disturbing levels of vital electrolytes such as phosphorus and calcium and also leads to elevation of cholesterol level.  Alterations of these vital elements affect the fertility of women and men. Heavy studies are required to exclude or confirm this theory about the harmful effect of Entamoeba coli infection in reproductive status of both partners’. Author is looking for fund to prove his theory about Entamoeba coli, in order to reclassify it from commensal to pathogenic amoeba.


entamoeba coli, infection, fertility, vital elements, electrolytes, phosphorus, calcium, entamoeba histolytica, karyosome, trophozoite, precystic, glycogen vacuoles