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Experiment on growth response and Feed Conversion Ratio (FCR) of fishes by feeding BR Sludge from distillery spent wash at distillery factory in Yangon, Myanmar

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The two freshwater fishes, the catfish Pangasius pangasius (Hamilton, 1822) and the catla fish Catla catla (Hamilton, 1822)were experimented in small culture ponds for growth response and feed conversion ratio during the study period from October 2018 to January 2019. The Pangasius pangasius fish growth rates of test and control ponds were almost equal. The control growth rates of Catla catla fish were higher than the test pond. Among these fishes, the fish Catla catla was the soft bottom habitat and they preferred mud bottom sediments. Among them, the growth rates of fish Catla catla was less than other species. The FCR values of the test ponds are 12.7 of Pangasius pangasius fish and 21.5 of Catla catla fish. The FCR values of the control ponds are 14.9 of Pangasius pangasius fish and 23.8 of Catla catla fish. In the present study, the results of FCR values are very useful for BR Sludge from Distillery Spent Wash. The feeding ratio (FCR) of test ponds is less than control ponds that is very good useful for these culture fishes. 


catfish, catla fish, distillery spent wash, feed conversion ratio, freshwater fishes, growth rate, small culture pond, aquaculture