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Peripheral neuropathy as the common ground between eastern and western medicine


This work concerns the direct connection of Western and Eastern Medicine. Both are based in a greater part upon what modern western medicine calls Peripheral Neuropathy (PN). A review of both PN and Chinese medicine are delineated and discussed in reference to each other. It is demonstrated that the signs and symptoms of PN are exactly the same as the signs and symptoms of Chinese medicine and thus both have this common ground between them. It is very interesting that Chinese medicine describes the signs and symptoms of PN before the advent of modern physiology.


PN, peripheral neuropathy, ECM, extracellular matrix, ATP, adenosine tri-phosphate, CIDP, chronic inflammatory demyelinating syndrome, AIDP, acute inflammatory demyelinating polyneuropathy, TCM, Traditional Chinese medicine, BMR, basal metabolic rate, peripheral neuropathy, nerve cell disfunction, autoimmune disorders, friedreich's ataxia, guillian-barre' syndrome