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Heavenly descent: Balinese birth traditions and the politicization of women’s health care


There is a distinction can be made between the culture surrounding birth in Bali that existed in the past and what it is today. This is to be expected; changes occur overtime especially in  culture.  Though  I  believe  that  Bali  is  experiencing  its  own  sort  of  aeculture  shockin the sense that the population never knew that it was going to go in the direction of what could be viewed as westernized medicine. People felt that there their histories and traditions were deeply seeded and rooted, that it would always be a part of them. That their culture would always be right alongside them in every aspect of their life, from birth to death. With programs  like  the  National  Family-Planning  program  its  becoming  harder  and  harder  to  maintain those traditions and retain the history of ancient Bali.


birth traditions, homogenous, pregnant, children