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Nonlinear mathematical modeling of creativity

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A nonlinear mathematical model is offered to describe the process of conscious creativity, which is product of our conscious brain, and the role of emotions in it. Emotional individuals have more neurotransmitters of excitation, glutamates, released. Since research found that emotions enhanced memorizing, emotional individuals will have better memory and larger memory storage with a denser set of neurons and neuronal junctions. This combined with their abundant neurotransmitters’ release will help them achieve easier the state of global excitement of the conscious. The state of enlightenment is synchronous work of the digital computer of our conscious brain and the quantum computer of our subconscious, which works with the waves of our nonlinear electromagnetic field (NEMF). This synchronous work is called full intuitive creativity. In a state of full intuitive creativity, the subconscious and the conscious are entrained to work at the same level of overexcitement. Since research found that the brain waves are coherent in a state of intuitive creativity, soliton waves can be expected. If so, the number of soliton waves and their speed of propagation extracted from the low intensity waves of magneto encephalograms (MEG) can be a good way to identify a state of full intuitive creativity.


conscious creativity, intuitive creativity, emotionality, glutamates, creativity evaluation.