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Evaluative mapping of the area irrigated by center pivot in Mozambique

Forestry Research and Engineering: International Journal
Ângelo Baptista Alface,1 Hélio Do Rosário Luís Armazia,2


Knowledge of expansion, number; size and spatial distribution of center pivot irrigated areas may represent an important contribution to socio-economic and environmental studies of a given territory. In view of the above, this work aimed to understand the space-time dynamics of areas irrigated by central pivot in Mozambique using remote sensing. For this, images of Landsat satellites 5 and 8 were acquired respectively from the year 2000 to 2017. RGB images were generated for the discrimination of the targets. Based on the results, Mozambique has 200 central pivots. The province of Sofala has a larger number with 110 pivots followed by the province of Maputo with 49. The province of Niassa has a smaller number with 2 pivots. The central pivot irrigated area in Mozambique totals 14 685 ha and the average area irrigated by central pivot is approximately 80 ha.


remote sensing, water resources, center pivot, implementation, characterized, irrigation, farmers, sustainable, agriculture, fundamental, expansion, surface, engaged, growth, fundamental