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Psychological violence in conjugality: a case study in light of systemic therapy

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Psychological violence in the marriage presents itself as a multifaceted phenomenon that assumes importance in the field of psychotherapy for treating those involved in this context. The present case study refers to a 32 and 40 years-old heterosexual couple, no child, whose marital care took place for 20 sessions during 10 months of follow-up due to multiple conflicts. For the understanding of the case, we used a measurement scale of violence (CTS2) and reports of the couple psychological care. The CTS2 identified the presence of psychological violence and excluded other expressions of violence. They were identified with experiences of violence in families of origin of partners, communication difficulties and emotional expression, such aspects that extended the relational difficulties.The couple was assisted and helped in the recognition of their own family histories, their emotions and dissatisfaction and, as a result, could progressively recognize themselves as an active participant in conflict resolution, qualifying the relationship to both.


conjugality, psychological violence, intimate partner violence (IPV), therapeutic process, aggressed person, relationship, transgenerational standards, reorganization, dissatisfaction