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Product life cycle assessment (LCA) in the environmental engineering and management aspects

MOJ Ecology & Environmental Sciences
Jagath Kulathilaka,1 Suresh Aluvihara2

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Environmental pollution is an ever found crux with the industrialized world although able to prevent or minimize the environmental pollution through some proper environmental management system. Product life cycle assessment (LCA) is a method of environmental assessment especially for the future plans, products and projects although it is able to assess only the environmental impacts through the product life cycle assessment (LCA). According to the methodology of the implementation of the product life cycle assessment (LCA), it is possible to continue at different stages of the relevant activities as necessary. The implementation of the assessment is done based on four key steps namely as goal and scope definition, inventory analysis, impact assessment and the interpretation. Under this assessment, basically it is expected to prevent the environmental impacts, mitigate the environmental impacts or find a solution for a future problem that relevant with the activity this is proposed.


Life cycle assessment, Environmental impact, Inventory analysis, Impact assessment, Environmental pollution control, Preliminaries, Disposal, Recovery, Reuse, Recycle stage, Eco-points, Pollutant, Mitigation, Eco-friendly, Non- renewable resources, Harmful