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Possible actions detached from the formation of the other: culture from the framework of education

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This article deals with the cultural dynamics that are amplified with education, generating epistemological detachments that give rise to some beliefs which are assumed according to the cultural references of a determined location that assure the production and reproduction of perceptions that someone has about others; where the issue is the recognition of cultural diversity, the forms and ways of being named according to a place of annunciation that is anchored in the ethnic. The results presented in this paper will allow us to understand the link between local culture as well as the forms and ways of naming and representing them as The Other. This is because the representation of different cultures within a given society is controlled by mainstream groups with greater political power and under their points of view. In this sense, the objective is to be flexible and explore the significance of experience rather than through cultural content that is portrayed in the school as a methodological possibility, all in relation to reflexivity. As a result, the article presents descriptions of situations in schools and we conclude by showing the role of culture and The Other in the educational process.


culture, the other, representation, education, context