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Analysis the physical properties of laser fading on denim fabric

Journal of Textile Engineering & Fashion Technology
Asif Sakib,1 Tarikul Islam,2 Md Safiqul Islam,1 Dr Mafzal Ahmed,1 Md Sujan Ali3


The laser fading process is acknowledged as a very strong alternative compared to the conventional physical and chemical processes used for aged-worn look on denim fabrics. In this study, the beams from a CO2 (10.6µm) laser was used for the fading of denim fabrics. In terms of both color and mechanical properties, it is found that 100 and 150µs pulse times are suitable for laser fading process of denim fabrics. This study aims that the effects of laser beam on denim fabrics were investigated and optimum process conditions were determined by tensile strength, tear strength, rubbing fastness of fabric. According to the observation from this project both tensile and tearing strength decreased (respectively on both warp and weft direction) and color fastness to rubbing was decreased in significant level comparison with both before and after fading effect of denim fabrics.


Laser beam, CO2 laser, Denim fabric, Fading, Mechanical properties, Blue dye, Yarns, Garments, garments, Tearing Strength, Color fastness, Eco-friendly, Indigo, Embroidering