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Use of the cotton husk for the production of a Basidiomycete fungus in submerged culture

Journal of Microbiology & Experimentation
Yessica Gutiérrez-López,1 Mario AriasZabala,2 Lina María Agudelo-Escobar3

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The agro-industrial waste has become the point of research for many researches due to their potential to get different products of high added value. Due to its low cost and the need to dispose them to safe guard the environment, they have become the most profitable raw materials. Mushroom production is one of the strategies for the use of these residues due their ability to degrade complex compounds such lignin, which together with cellulose and hemicellulose are the most abundant in this type of waste. Therefore developing a strategy that combines the use of agro-industrial waste with the advantages of biotechnological culture for mushrooms production is the aim of this research. In this case, cotton seed hulls 30g/L were employed as media culture to flask scale for mushrooms production. The nonconventional substrate supplemented was evaluated with glucose for finding the best result in terms of degradability of substrate.


agro-industrial waste, biotechnological culture, mushroom, cottonseed hulls