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Diabetes mellitus, challenges & hopes

Endocrinology & Metabolism International Journal
Avinash Shankar,1 Amresh Shankar,2 Anuradha Shankar3


India, a world capital of diabetes mellitus and Bihar to be considered a first state in the world with 30% population suffering with diabetes mellitus as per 2019 report, a consequent t of changed dietary status, emergence of non nutrients in diet, altered life style and increasing stress, poses a challenge in spite of continuing anti diabetics and insulin supplementation due to increasing insulin resistance, thus an study to evaluate the regime dietary restriction, limited initial diet, modified life style and an adjuvant herbal composite been done.

Material: 3770 diabetic patients attending RA. Hospital & Research Centre, Warisaliganj (Nawada) Bihar and Aarogyam punarjeevan Bihar Patna during Jan 2017 to December 2017 been selected for the study.

Method: Selected patients were interrogated for the history of disease how it is detected, treatment taken and their result, clinically examined and, investigated for diabetic, lipid, haematological, hepatic and renal profile pre and post therapy. Each patients after 10days of restriction, changed life style, limited initial diet, been supplemented with herbal composite Cap META Reg 1 cap 30minutes before breakfast, lunch and dinner. Patients were followed up every 15days for 1year to adjudge the efficacy, safety profile and quality of life.

Result: All patients show marked decline in blood sugar and HbA1C, lipid profile and continuing dose of antidiabetics with complete withdrawal of insulin in 6months of therapy, marked improvement in haematological, hepatic and renal profile. No patients had any blood sugar surge or any consequent sequel during 1 year of follow up with minimal dose of OHA, adjuvant and modified dietary schedule, and life style.

Conclusion: Though growing incidence of diabetes mellitus in India affecting even hard worker, remain a challenge but modified life style, dietary plan and adjuvant Herbal composite remain a hope in control of diabetes mellitus and its sequel to ensure quality life.


dietary non nutrient, OHA, herbal composite, limited initial diet, Lipid profile, hepatic, renal, quality of life